My experience with you has been very useful and enjoyable in every way. I am glad that I decided to do explore Tunisia fashion with you. Your comments and suggestions are great foundations for me to build upon, and something I can think about when I go shopping alone. Thank you very much. I also appreciate your recommendations on the best colors for my undertone.

Tasniem, Tunisia

الطرح جميله جدا من حيث الخامه و المقاس و تنوع الالوان .

الخامه الشيفون خامه جميله و مش شفاف و خصوصا ان في بندانه الشعر ما يبين

المقاس مناسب جدا الطول و عرض الطرحه فسهل لفها بأكثر من طريقه

ألالوان متنوعه جدا و درجات كتير لنفس اللون فسهل اني الأقي اللون المناسب مع لبسي بسهوله

الميزه المهمه جدا البندانه و تصميمها بجد روعه لانها بتناسب اى حد حسب المقاس اللي له و كمان في رباطين للتحكم اكتر في وضع البندانه

بقدر ألبس الطرحه بأكثر من طريقه حسب المناسب لوجهي و دي شويه صور للألوان اللي جربيتها و ان شاء الله بجرب ألوان تانيه

Abeer, Dubai

Chaque fois que je mets une de mes tenues fabuleuses, je pense à toi et à la façon dont tu as changé ma vie. Vous m’avez fait gagner beaucoup de temps et d’argent depuis que je n’achète plus de choses qui ne fonctionnent pas à 150% pour moi. Je suis accro à tout ce que vous pensez me va bien, donc ça a été tellement amusant et les commentaires ont été ridicule et maintenant je ne toucherai même plus à aucun noir, même dans mon appartement. Merci de m’avoir fait découvrir le monde de la couleur !

Hedia, France

Thank you so much for yesterday. Your honest input, advise and very sharp eye for fashion has been invaluable. What you have done for me is created a confidence in myself and about the clothes I have.

I have rearranged my wardrobe and the clothes that are hanging in it are the ones I love wearing. They have a very different look to before and yet they are the same clothes . It has also resulted in me taking less because I have mixed and matched. If you were close by I would give you a huge hug.

Thank you once again.

Hanine, Tunisia

Plus de gaspillage de temps et d’argent, grâce à vous, j’ai appris ce qui me va. Je ne craquerai plus bêtement pour des vêtements qui ne me vont pas. Je vais acheter avec plaisir et sans remords ! Merci Malek

Hadeel, France

I had my first experience with a personal shopper last winter, and I can’t rate Malek highly enough! I don’t usually enjoy shopping and I struggle when it comes to fashion, but Malek made the trip so enjoyable and found me so many amazing outfits … and a lot of pieces I would never have tried on by myself. I plan to use Malek’s services again when it is time to shop for a summer wardrobe! Thanks Malek

Manel, London - UK

This hijab came rapped in a cute package. I love how convertible it is. I always had issues of my scarfs falling off my head. Lol this nonslip and easy to wear. The shipping came fast, and I wore it that same day. It’s 46 degrees in Dubai now and I didn’t get hot or uncomfortable one time.

Would recommend everyone to purchase this product. Thank you for making a quality fabric for on-the-go moms and working woman like me that just want to put on my hijab and run out the house and not have any problems of it falling off my head.

I will definitely order more.

Sawsan, Dubai

“This 2in 1 hijab came exactly as expected, thin enough for use during warm days but also warm enough since it has the inside premium jersey hijab to be functional during cooler months. Nice fashionable color, and I love the pleated design, which makes the scarf look more detailed than other scarves of a similar fashion. Definitely recommend.”

Asma, Dubai

Very comfy hijab/scarf! Love the material and can be used as a scarf around your neck or even as a shawl. Best 89aed spent!

Totally worth it.

Anna, Dubai

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