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Modest By Malek Dubai
Styling Services Modest By Malek

How I can help:

As a certified Style Coach*, I can help you with:
  • Clothes that enhance your individual style
  • Hijab, skin, make-up*, and overall personal grooming
  • Professional wardrobe planning and de-cluttering
  • Professional personal shopping
  • Analysis of body shape, color season, and style personality
  • Secrets of looking and feeling more youthful
  • General overview of health and fitness*
  • Goal setting and action planning*
  • Raise your self-belief*
  • Improve your body image*
  • Your Inner-voice and self-doubt*
Each client will have an individual plan mapped out
meet her needs. 




    Scarfs and Hijabs Modest By Malek Dubai


    I’m Malek

    Your style shows who you are and what you believe in. It’s like a window into your heart. My mission is to help you share the best version of yourself with the world. Your femininity, your strength and your passions deserve to be seen and appreciated.

    Modest by Malek Dubai


    What I Offer

    Perosnal Shopper Modest By Malek Dubai

    Modest Personal Shopper

    I provide you advice, guidance, and buying services. I help you with my knowledge of products, trends, and services to determine what you’re looking for. I share with you advice and knowledge of the best products to purchase, processing orders, and assisting with exchanges or returns.

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    Personal Stylist Modest By Malek Dubai

    Modest Personal Stylist

    I help you to put together outfits and make fashion choices. I help you to achieve your desired looks by aiding you in the selection of personal style items, such as Hijabs, clothes and shoes. I identify your tastes, activities, body type and desired image in order to tailor your new look.

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    Virtual Personal Shopper Modest By Malek Dubai

    Virtual Personal Styling Sessions

    Location is no limitation with a Virtual Styling Session. Completed entirely from the comfort of y Wardrobe Edit or an express Personalour home, you can complete a Virtual Shopping Session, self-paced Style Consultation. Just like the in-person style sessions, virtual styling sessions are personalized to you, your body shape, color tone, personal style, lifestyle and budget.

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    Wardrobe Edits Modest By Malek Dubai

    Modest Wardrobe Edits 

    Do you regularly tell yourself that you have ‘nothing to wear’ and make another purchase that languishes at the back of the wardrobe? Would you like to wake up and instantly put together outfits that make you feel great about yourself? Then the Wardrobe Edit is the package for you. I will help you create a perfect capsule wardrobe with an uncluttered collection of clothes, that you will want to wear time and time again. I will also help you discover which key items are ‘missing’ to help you effortlessly create a new collection of outfits.

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    Business Life Cupboard Modest By Malek DubAai

    Business Life Cupboard 

    Need to create a more powerful impact, impress your colleagues, climb the career ladder or secure your next promotion? I will help you define your signature workwear look and ensure you are dressed for success.

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    Styling Services Modest By Malek
    Styling Services Modest By Malek
    Styling Services Modest By Malek

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