"An image consultant, personal stylist and a personal shopper, whom you need.. to create your best self."

Your style shows who you are and what you believe in. It’s like a window into your heart. My mission is to help you share the best version of yourself with the world. Your femininity, your strength and your passions deserve to be seen and appreciated.

My personal story with fashion and styling began in early childhood. Back then, I was constantly surrounded by many different fabrics, colors and textures my stylist aunts were selecting, modifying and crafting into beautiful clothing for their clients.

I used to accompany them to the local marketplaces to choose the best fabrics and pieces and assist them in the shop to create amazing outfits and styling items. It was a colorful and wonderful world that made me feel free, happy and confident.

At the age of 15, I jumped at the chance to work a summer job assisting with the production of the autumn/winter collection of the Benetton brand. That amazing experience confirmed to me that styling is my life’s passion and something I should invest my time in.

Still, life decided to take me on a different path. I started studying and working in dentistry. I found great satisfaction in working with people and helping them improve their smiles. I could see them become more confident and feel better and happier with themselves.

Even then, I found myself incorporating my passion for styling in my dental practice. Whenever I had a client with a full dental rehabilitation and wanted to take pictures of their transformation, I would put a lot of energy into helping them choose an outfit that would best showcase their beauty and smile for the photoshoot. It was actually one of my favorite stages of the transformation process.

Then, I switched gears and started a career as a consultant with a very well-known dental company. I was finally able to establish my “personal brand” through my styling. I wanted to showcase my success and show people my minimalist fashion sense with elegant, original touches that make a statement about who I am.

I soon started helping all my colleagues and friends choose the right colors, textures and details (like pearls, diamonds, embroidery and prints) for their meetings, outings and party dates. I found great joy in helping them feel more confident, happy and fulfilled.

So, I decided to make things official. I refined my skills by attending and graduating one of the most reputable fashion and styling schools in Dubai – the Fad Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style. This gave me the chance to officially step into the world of fashion and learn everything about fashion history, trends and styling, as well as gain more creative and technical know-how.

That’s what led me here, to setting up my own image consulting, personal styling and personal shopping business inspired by all the women (and sometimes men) that I’ve helped along the way and who have strengthened my belief that style is the most creative, amazing way we can show our true selves to the world.

I’m now ready to help you find and express your true nature through fashion and style.

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